THE DEAD DAISIES, O2 Academy Bristol, 3 November 2021THE DEAD DAISIES, O2 Academy Bristol, 3 November 2021

With a new album – well, as new as anything can be since Covid 19 intervened – to pick and choose from and a new line-up featuring Glenn Hughes, brought in to replace both former singer John Corabi and bassist Marco Mendoza, The Dead Daisies rolled into Bristol on the third night of their UK tour with plenty to show off. And show off they did: if Hughes and guitarist / founder David Lowy seemed a trifle subdued on the night, Doug Aldrich played the full-on guitar god with consummate ease while Tommy Clufetos – also a relative newcomer to the ensemble – hammered his kit so hard you had to wonder why anyone thought it needed mics in the first place.


A goodly chunk – seven of the seventeen songs on the night – came from the latest, Hughes-fronted ‘Holy Ground’ album, with the final two ‘Like No Other (Bassline)’ and ‘Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)’ probably being the best of the bunch. The band had the crowd – I reckon the place was about half-full – with them from the off though so every song received rapturous applause.


The Dead Daisies have never been averse to popping covers into their sets – ‘Fortunate Son’ and ‘Midnight Moses’ still making the cut this time around – but Hughes has imported a pair of Deep Purple songs into proceedings. ‘Mistreated’ allowed Aldrich to throw the shapes and posture as the song’s muscle-bound intro demands, while the bassist / vocalist hit the high notes with seeming ease. And ‘Burn’ brought proceedings to a close. “I still don’t really get the attraction,” said my partner-in-crime afterwards; “it’s all very Seventies.” But I guess maybe that’s the point.


Unspoken / Rise Up / Dead And Gone / Chosen And Justified / Mexico / Bustle And Flow / Lock ‘N’ Load / Fortunate Son / Midnight Moses / drum solo / Mistreated / My Fate / Leave Me Alone / Saving Grace / Like No Other (Bassline) / Holy Ground (Shake The Memory) // Long Way To Go / Burn

Support: The Quireboys

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