TOP TEN 2014TOP TEN 2014

Ah, another year, another end-of-year Top Ten. As the sound of Santa’s sleigh bells receded into the distance it was time, I thought, to jot down how I saw 2014 in music. But don’t forget, it’s just a personal opinion…

So, in reverse order:
10. Battleaxe – ‘Heavy Metal Sanctuary’ (SPV Records)
09. Black Trip – ‘Goin’ Under’ (SPV Records)
08. Triptykon – ‘Melana Chasmata’ (Century Media)
07. Soldier – ‘Chronicles’ (Starhaven)
06. Anathema – ‘Distant Satellites’ (Kscope)
05. Malpractice – ‘Turning Tides’ (Sensory/The Laser’s Edge)
04. The Dreamside – ‘The Sorrow Bearing Tree’ (Spin Moon Media)
03. The Dagger – ‘The Dagger’ (Century Media)
02. Evergrey – ‘Hymns For The Broken’ (AFM)

And an honourable mention for those that missed out by a whisker (in alphabetical order):
Bloody Hammers – ‘Under Satan’s Sun’ (Napalm Records)
Deep Machine – ‘Rise Of The Machines’ (High Roller Records)
Delain – ‘The Human Contradiction’ (Napalm Records)
Opeth – ‘Pale Communion’ (Roadrunner Records)
While Heaven Wept – ‘Suspended At Aphelion’ (Nuclear Blast)

John Tucker January 2015