“Who sells superglue? asks the Jameson Raid website, rhetorically. “And why? TERRY DARK explains all with his brand new rock single ‘Superglue Salesman’. Terry’ s been making great music for many years and once again delivers a hot, up-tempo rock song with those defining lyrics that set him apart from the others, and this song has a ‘drop’ like the Grand Canyon and more hooks than a heavyweight boxing gala.”

Jameson _Raid_492

‘Superglue Salesman’ – recorded by the last Jameson Raid line-up of Dark, guitarist Dave Rothan, bassist Pete Green and drummer Lars Wickett – is a cracking little work-out, a four-minute run round the block with a pushy riff and, as the website text notes, another handsome slice of the seemingly inscrutable Dark’s enigmatic and abstruse lyrics. With the band itself in a state of flux it’s good to know that Dark is still looking to keep the name alive and ‘…Salesman’ is certainly another worthwhile addition to the JR catalogue. You can order the single through the Jameson Raid website for the wholly reasonable price of 99 (euro) cents.


Another new single out now comes from Nergard, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and melodic rock wunderkind Andreas Nergård. With its toe-tapping verse and hugely memorable chorus ‘One Of These Days’ was co-written with and features the vocal talents of Andi Kravljaca, who fronts Aeon Zen amongst others for his day job, and showcases the band at their melodic rock best. ‘One Of These Days’ (available from Pug-Nose Records) sees the band working out in a highly accessible and distinctly commercial fashion, and is probably the most catchy song yet to come from the Nergard stable. 


After what seems like an eternity, Austrain goth metallers DARKWELL are set to follow up their 2004 album ‘Metat[r]on’ with a new full-length release ‘Moloch’ on 23 September on Massacre Records. The line-up looks a little different now and features Alexandra Pittracher (vocals), Mathias Nussbaum (guitars), Raphael Lepuschitz (keyboards), Roland Wurzer (bass) and Michael Bachler (drums) but there’s no reason why the innovative spirit of ‘Metat[r]on’ and its predecessor ‘Suspiria’ shouldn’t still be heavily evident across the album’s eleven (thirteen on the digipack) cuts.


Bitches Sin guitarist IAN TOOMEY is set to releases his second solo album. ‘Masters Of Light’ follows a similar swagger to ‘Ascension’ and once again sees vocalist David A. Mills, drummer Steve Turton and Chris Tsangarides both in the producer’s chair and adding guitar work when called upon. Recorded some 35 years after Toomey’s Bitches Sin first entered the studio to record their first demo, the effervescent ‘Twelve Pounds And No Kinks’ tape, Toomey has lost none of his edge and once again the lyrics in part pay witness to what he calls the dark forces and thankless betrayals that have tried – and failed – to obstruct and conspire against him over the years. Provocative and beautifully fluid, ‘Masters Of Light’ is due in November.

© John Tucker August 2016