THIS WEEK I'M LISTENING TO...METEORA Tragedy Of Delusion (Nail Records)THIS WEEK I'M LISTENING TO...METEORA Tragedy Of Delusion (Nail Records)

Based in Budapest, Meteora are further evidence of the vibrancy and diversity of the Hungarian music scene as well as being a worthy addition to the female-fronted symphonic metal scene. A sweeping and engrossing album, ‘Tragedy Of Delusion’ stands somewhere between the offerings of Epica and Edenbridge, and boasts an innate power and beauty which belies the band’s relative lack of years in the spotlight. Originally formed in 2010, Meteora released the ‘Price Of Salvation’ EP in 2014, although from those early days only Atilla Király (keyboards and clean vocals) and Máté Fülöp (bass, harsh vocals and screams) remain; it wasn’t until their first album ‘Our Paradise’ was released in 2017 that vocalist Noémi Holló and guitarist Csaba Solymosi appeared took their places in the credits, with drummer Gábor Kása now completing the line-up.


Three years on from their debut album, the rousing ‘Tragedy Of Delusion’ continues to break new ground for Meteora. The cover art implies that all is not what it seems, although the elements that the band bring to bear – huge, all-encompassing orchestrated soundscapes populated with punchy riffs, pounding drums and Holló’s operatic and engaging voice (contrasting with the growls of Fülöp and complemented by Király’s vocal contributions) – all pull together in perfect harmony. The ten compositions, most of which break the five-minute mark, are beautifully scored and exquisitely executed, with the epic title track taking centre stage for its scope and sheer breath-taking audacity.

‘Tragedy Of Delusion’ is an exciting album and one which bears all the hallmarks of a band with much to offer as they continue to stretch their wings and fly. And, as a bonus, as people who’ve picked up on their name have thought them a Linkin Park tribute band, Meteora have tacked a moving version of ‘Numb’ to the end of the album which, despite its wholly different DNA, sounds completely at ease with the rest of the material on offer. A rousing success.

John Tucker March 2020