THIS WEEK I’M LISTENING TO...TVINNA – Two – Wings Of Ember (By Norse Music)THIS WEEK I’M LISTENING TO...TVINNA – Two – Wings Of Ember (By Norse Music)

An emotional journey started by Faun vocalist Laura Fella, Tvinna first called to the world when she, drummer Alain Ackermann and guitarist / bassist Rafael Fella – both known for their roles in Eluveitie – pooled their respective talents to record their debut album. ‘One – In The Dark’ was released in 2021, and kicked up a bit of a storm with its heady mix of dark folk, electronica and stylish rock/metal guitar work. With the addition of backing vocals by Sascha van der Meer and a handful of guest musicians Tvinna are now back with ‘Two – Wings Of Ember’, an album which expands upon the breadth of their debut and which tips the scales perhaps a little more towards the heavier end of things.


Perhaps the first obvious observation about ‘Two – Wings Of Ember’– aside from the exhilarating range and depth of the musicianship – is that there’s not one single track that can truly be called representative of the album as a whole. The material presented here is exceptionally diverse – from the atmospheric opening spoken word piece ‘Nénuphar (based on a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke) to enigmatic closer ‘The Fall’ – yet is bound together by the ethereal soundscapes and mystic lyrics with which members of Tvinna craft their music. Traditional instruments flirt and interweave with electric guitars and drums, and while songs like ‘Arma’ and ‘Irwahhên’ are heavy enough to satisfy those who want to embrace the more metallic elements of the band, the likes of ‘Dawn Of Mine’ and ‘Two Staves’ should please fans of electronica and ‘Louga’ – which features a duet Fabienne Erni – is an incredibly powerful and passionate cut from the dark folk block.

Much of the focus naturally falls on the voice (and the lyrical dexterity, come to that) of Laura Fella, whose sensuous delivery ranges from immense power to elegiac fragility which adds to the magnetism of what is a stunning body of work. ‘Two – Wings Of Ember’ is an album which strays between genres and defies boundaries, promising much and delivering on all counts. It’s probably too early in February to be talking of Album Of The Year. Or is it?

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