THIS WEEK I’M LISTENING TO...DOOL – The Shape Of Fluidity (Prophecy Productions)THIS WEEK I’M LISTENING TO...DOOL – The Shape Of Fluidity (Prophecy Productions)

Unquestionably one of today’s most exciting bands, Dool are as innovative as they are beguiling. Following hot on the heels of last year’s ‘Visions Of Summerland (Live At Arminus Church)’ – a memento of the final gig of that particular tour and the final date show for longtime drummer Micha Haring –‘The Shape Of Fluidity’ uses its predecessors ‘Here Now, There Then’ (2017) and ‘Summerland’ (2020) as stepping stones to take the Dutch five-piece to a new, higher level.

From the off it’s certainly easily recognisable as a Dool album – adorned as it is with the band’s trademark flourishes – but this third studio outing is an exceptionally mature and insightful release. There’s such majesty in tracks like ‘Self-Dissect’ and the riff-driven ‘Evil In You’, as is to be expected from the band, and as ever the material’s overall heaviness is balanced by its melodic overtones and inherent accessibility.


photo by David Fitt

Lyrically ‘The Shape Of Fluidity’ – itself an oxymoron – spotlights the concept of identity, and, given the personal journey of Dool’s singer / guitarist who now identifies as Raven van Dorst, walks the fine line between introspection and expressionism. With new drummer Vincent Kreyder now lining up alongside guitarists Nick Polak and Omar Iskandr and bassist JB van der Wal, the band are cementing their position as a truly dynamic act, unencumbered by boundaries and boasting a versatile and talented of musicians and songwriters. Ironically, the band’s name is abstracted from the Dutch word for wandering – an odd choice of name for a band with such a far-reaching musical direction and focused identity. All those who wander are, indeed, not lost.

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